Administrative Building


  1. ATS_Medical Laboratory Technician (Cardiology) NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Medical Laboratory Technician (Pathology) NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Medical Laboratory Technician (Radiology) NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant) NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Motor Vehicle Body Builder NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Moulder (Refractory) NSQF-3
  1. ATS_Mechanic Repair and Maintenance of Electronics Test Equipment NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Multimedia & Webpage Designer NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Offset Machine Minder NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Operator cum Mech Pollution Control Eqpt NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Operator (Steel Plant) NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Operator Advance Machnie Tool NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Operator Blast Furnace Iron Making Equipments NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Operator Coal Handling Equipment NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Operator Coke Oven battery Equipment NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Operator Locomotive & Rail Cranes in Steel Plant NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Operator Material Handling Equipments at Raw Material Handling Plant NSQF-3
  1. ATS_Operator Rolling Mill Equipment (LP) NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Operator Sinter Plant Equipment NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Operator steel melting equipments NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Optical Worker NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Painter (General) NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Programming & Systems Administration Assistant NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Pattern Maker NSQF-3
  1. ATS_Pipe Fitter NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Plastic Mould Maker NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Plastic Processing Operator NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Plate Maker (Lithographic) NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Plumber NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Power Electrician NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Printing Textile NSQF-3
  1. ATS_Process Cameraman NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Process Plant Operator NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Pump Operator Cum Mechanic NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Processor (Milk Product) NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Quality Assurance Assistant-NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Refrigerator and Air-Conditioning Mechanic-NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Receptionist (Hotel Clerk/Front Office Assistant) NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Rigger NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Sales Person (Retail) NSQF-4
  1. ATS_Secretarial Assistant NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Sheet Metal Worker NSQF-5
  1. ATS_Senior Sales Person (Retail) NSQF-4