Administrative Building



Course Objective :


To equip the Instructors with requisite Knowledge and skill in training methodology. To make them competent to impart skill under various schemes of DGT based on sound pedagogical principles and concepts.


Course Content :


Instructors and his responsibilities. Pre- requisites & requisites qualification of a good Instructors, Characteristics of good instruction & common defects of instruction, Educational psychology, Principles of learning and principle of teaching, Laws of learning and theories of learning, Skills and its basic elements, Phases of skill learning, Methods of analyzing the syllabus, Break up of syllabus, and Schedule of instruction with time duration, Test & characteristics of good test, Rules for preparation objective type question, Learning domain according to bloom’s taxonomy, Written instructional material & Different types of instructional sheets and its uses, Lesson plan and its use, Concept of good motivation & various theories of motivation, Demonstration plan and its use, Assessment in CBT & its evaluation as per Krickpatrick, Class room and its management, safety in instructional area.


Category of Participants: Teaching & Instructional Staff of ITIs/ ITCs, Educational Institute and Interested Private Individuals


Course duration : 2 Weeks.


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